Why You Need to Diversify Your Crypto Funds Now

Over the past couple of years, the total cryptocurrency market cap has seen a sharp rise, currently sitting above $225 billion. Needless to say, there is a lot of money tied up in the industry. Recent initial coin offerings have raised hundreds of millions of dollars, with EOS’ yearlong ICO raising upwards of $4 billion, while crypto hedge funds also hold millions of dollars in cryptocurrency.

For these organizations, which hold massive amounts of cryptocurrency, failing to diversify their assets could prove to be a fatal mistake. By holding large amounts of one cryptocurrency (which can be highly volatile) or USDT (which is not particularly safe, given that its value relies on the unverifiable assumption that it is backed by US dollars), crypto organizations are putting themselves at risk. Many organizations who held large amounts of their own cryptocurrency rather than diversifying saw the value of their assets drop to a fraction of their previous valuation when the crypto market corrected in early 2018. The few organizations which did sell their own cryptocurrency at market highs are in a considerably better position.

Diversifying crypto assets into more stable assets like real estate and capital assets is wise, but it can be challenging for a variety of reasons. For crypto organizations that function as non-profits, funds cannot be transferred out to an individual; some crypto organizations have too many partners involved and cannot trust any one person to handle the funds; others face national restrictions that make it either illegal for them to withdraw funds or make it impractical because of heavy capital gains taxation.

Yet regardless of the reason, failing to diversify assets carries massive risk, particularly in regard to cryptocurrency. If the USD value of Bitcoin (BTC) drops, then typically so does the USD value of every other coin. If you have all of your eggs in one basket, this can be devastating. With RekDeck’s Crypto Diversification services, you can diversify your organization’s cryptocurrency funds into secure, stable assets that generate constant returns.

An excellent way to diversify crypto assets is to build out your own mining farm, a large, relatively stable capital asset that generates constant returns by mining a variety of coins. RekDeck has developed expertise in building highly complex crypto mining data centres, fitted with the proper cooling, electricity, and infrastructure to profitably mine cryptocurrency for a long time. We will help you select a site for your data centre, connect you with qualified contractors, and ensure that the facility is equipped with proper cooling, electricity, storage, and security measures. If you want your investment to do all the work for you while you concentrate on your core operations, our management and trading services will ensure that you get optimal returns from your mining. RekDeck’s proven, back-tested Mooncatcher trading software will trade your cryptocurrency at optimal market rates to earn maximum returns from your mining operation.

Investing in a mining farm allows your organization to put its money into real estate and equipment (either long-lasting NVIDIA or AMD GPU miners or powerful Bitmain ASIC miners). These offer a much safer store of value for your crypto assets than cold storage, as the coin being mined can be sold or traded. Furthermore, if the coin being mined becomes unprofitable, GPU miners can switch to another coin.

Our team has worked with multiple major cryptocurrencies and we currently operate our own mining farm in Princeton, NJ. For organizations looking to diversify their crypto assets, RekDeck s Crypto Financial Advising service is rooted in our significant experience in the crypto industry. We can work with you to devise a fund diversification plan, achieve greater liquidity with our Crypto Payroll service, and develop a marketing budget to increase the profile of your coin or hedge fund.

Many crypto-based organizations have immense crypto wealth, but still have to pay their employees in fiat due to national regulations or employee preference. With RekDeck s Crypto Payroll service, you can use your crypto assets for payroll and your employees can still receive their wages in fiat. Simply transfer cryptocurrency to RekDeck and we will remit your employees in USD. It can even be arranged to pay employees with profits from your mining farm. This allows you to bypass the costly and inconvenient currency exchange process while investing your crypto wealth in your people.

RekDeck’s partner company Rek9 Marketing has worked with numerous top 50 cryptocurrencies to develop their brands and improve their marketing. We will help you develop an ROI-focused marketing budget to boost your brand and create new opportunities for users. Rek9 provides services including brand management, content and video marketing, search engine optimization, and web development, among others. This enables you to invest your cryptocurrency assets or mining profits in the long-term growth of your brand.

If you invest in a mining farm buildout, we can pay you the mined cryptocurrency directly, trade it to increase profits, or allocate it towards payroll and/or marketing.

Protect your organization’s wealth – diversify your crypto assets with RekDeck today. To learn more about how RekDeck’s diversification services can help your organization, fill out the form below and one of our representatives will connect with you.

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