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Mining Crypto

Mine cryptocurrency without the hassle of storing, operating, and maintaining hardware. For 100% passive income, we can even manage your mining returns.

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We’ve developed a back-tested trading software that exchanges crypto through an automated arbitrage method. We increase the value of our crypto holdings.

ICO Fund Management

Being tied up in a single cryptocurrency is risky. Diversify your crypto into a mining farm, hardware, and multi-coin
crypto mining.

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Want to start your own crypto mining operation? We have the knowledge and network to ensure
your mining farm has proper electricity, cooling, and infrastructure to succeed.

Build Air-Cooled

Affordable cooling that works with your equipment right from the box

Build Submerged

A custom-built chassis for submerging ASICs and GPUs to ensure your equipment runs at 100% performance 24/7/365

Build a Container

Mobile mining in a precision-
designed container; ideal for remote locations

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Latest Mining News

CFTC allows ErisX to clear commodities beyond crypto

The Commodity Futures Trading Commission, or CFTC, recently approved a license modification for ErisX’s clearing house. The license amendment allows ErisX freedom to offer more trading products. “The significance of the Amended Order is that it expands our licensed activities allowing us to clear products on other commodities beyond just virtual currencies or crypto,” ErisX general counsel Laurian Cristea told. “Now we may list futures or swaps across the commodities spectrum from new crypto related contracts such as hash rate futures or crypto indices, to event contracts, and contracts on other commodities including, for example, tokenized base metals, precious metals, and

How G20 Central Bank Digital Currencies Are Progressing

When Will a G20 Central Bank Issue a Digital Currency? Central bank governors and finance ministers of many G20 countries have been working on their own central bank digital currencies (CBDCs), particularly in response to Facebook’s planned Libra coin. Mark Cliffe, chief economist and head of global research at ING Group, expects to see the first G20 central bank digital currency soon. In a blog post published Friday, he wrote: When might we see a fully-fledged digital currency from a G20 central bank? … they’ll be making moves towards just that in the next two to three years. Philip Middleton Last

Central bank digital currencies in the interconnected future

Central bank digital currencies (CBDCs) are already set to become part of national financial systems. In part one of a two-part series, Bitt.com’s Simon Chantry describes how the design and configuration of these networks is trending and how this is likely to affect us in the future interconnected world. Simon Chantry is co-founder and Chief Business Development Officer at Bitt.com. He is a member of the OECD’s Blockchain Expert Policy Advisory Board (BEPAB) and the WEF’s Digital Currency Governance Consortium. Efforts to mitigate the spread of COVID-19 have impacted all industries, with the financial and payments industries being no exception.


Bill Gates

Co-founder of Microsoft

“Bitcoin is a technological tour de force. Bitcoin is better than currency in that you don’t have to be physically in the same place. For large transactions, currency can get pretty inconvenient. “


Peter Thiel

Co-Founder of PayPal

“PayPal had these goals of creating a new currency. We failed at that, and we just created a new payment system. I think Bitcoin has succeeded on the level of a new currency.”


Eric Schmidt

Former CEO of Google

“Bitcoin is a remarkable cryptographic achievement. The ability to create something which is not duplicable in the digital world has enormous value. Lot’s of people will build businesses on top of that.”